Ask & So Shall it Be

The Umbrella Man…

On this particular December night, it was raining, nothing out of the ordinary. I thought to myself, I would like something interesting to capture with my camera.

Given the limits to social interactions, I have been limited to the views from my window, upon first glance, I could see the rain landing on the plaza room of the building next to mine. After a few photos, I decided to return to what I was doing prior to the mini shoot. Some minutes went by and the rain slowed to the occasional drop here or there and I thought, why not look outside once more.

Upon doing so, I looked out my window and was greeted by this umbrella with a pink and white bullseye printed on it, with a man wearing a green puffer jacket, khaki pants, and brown boots standing off to the right of me down below in the parking lot of the plaza next door.  

Now, this was something interesting indeed. A man who looks like he belongs in an outdoors commercial advertising some product for men, holding an umbrella befitting someone younger and more on the feminine side. 

As he stands there, in his calm and relaxed deminer, with the umbrella resting where I could not see the face of this mysterious man, he begins to light a cigarette. I thought to myself, this man just went up a level of interesting – cue the music for this manly man – as he stands there smoking his cigarette holding this umbrella it occurred to me. Very few times have I seen two things from completely different backgrounds pair together so well. As though this would be a character out of a movie or some sci-fi show.

This is a person who, based on his attire, cares about what he wears, dresses for the weather, is practical and comfortable with himself enough to use the umbrella regardless of what color it is. Goodbye toxic masculinity hello true manhood.  It also gives new meaning to the phrase “real men wear pink.”

He finishes his cigarette and continues to wait as if he was a man on a mission at the rendezvous point waiting for a secret message or package to be delivered. 

After 10 or so minutes, he eventually squats down under the shield of the umbrella’s cover at just the right angle to make it seem as though it magically grew in size to cover even more of his body, still, I was unable to see the face of this mystery man.

Over the next 15-20 minutes I periodically peek back to see if the umbrella man was still there and sure enough, he was. So, I took it upon myself to capture a few more photos when I see him walk closer to the plaza sidewalk as a woman – whom I assume is an employee – walked out of the restaurant in the plaza. 

He embraced her with a hug, and I could only imagine it to be a kiss as the umbrella covered their faces from my view.

After a moment of talking, he placed his arm over her shoulders to holder her close and embrace her with love and care as they walked off into the “Great beyond my window’s point of view.” Just like a scene straight out of a classic love story film.

On this night I ask the universe for something interesting to photograph and I received it. Definitely not what I expected, but better than I could’ve imagined.

I share this story with you today, as I thought what better day to share a little bit of love with the world through art than today. 

Even if you do not have someone to embrace and share the love with. Embrace yourself with a spiritual hug and share the love with yourself. It is important to do so, this helps you find inner peace. Once you know how to love yourself fully, I believe that’s when someone special comes into your life. Not to complete you by loving you, but to help celebrate with you that you are complete by yourself from the love you give yourself.

This is someone you can share an extravagant life with, or something as simple as this couple had, to walk home together on a rainy night, under the cover of a pink and white umbrella.


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